Speaking Up With Confidence – Fearless Speaking Program

Speaking Up Can Feel Impossible. You Know What You Want To Say, But You Just Can’t Say It.

That’s where this Fearless Speaking program comes in…The combination of nerves, dread and frustration about not being able to speak up can feel overwhelming. Sometimes the more you want to speak up, the bigger those feelings get that stop you dead in your tracks. That’s why EFT tapping is the perfect answer — because it is a personal change technologoy that works with your feelings that are holding you back and keeping you silent.

The solution to feeling free to speak up is to dissolve the blocks of limiting emotions and beliefs to let your voice be heard. That’s what I’ve done for you with this Fearless Speaking tapping program — giving you the tools to easily speak up so you can participate more fully in everything you do.

How Can You Use This Program?

We all need to speak up for different reasons at different times. This is for you if you want to:

  • Improve communication in your personal relationships
  • Present your ideas in business or school settings
  • Participate in a stronger way in your community
  • Stand up for yourself when you need to be heard

Here’s What You Get:

  • 1 resistance-clearing EFT tapping sequence
  • 10 energy-shifting EFT tapping sequences
  • 1 sequence of empowering affirmations
  • Bonus: EFT Starter Kit for more basic tapping instructions (this is included with either the audio or the Action Guide)

We’ll use the personal change technology of EFT tapping to address the blocks keeping you from speaking up — including anxiety, frustration, embarrassment, and the “shoulds”. And we’ll finish it up with tapping in the positive to anchor your new desire to speak up.

Ready To Unleash Your Power To Speak Up?

You have three options to choose from:

1. Audio Only (MP3)
2. Action Guide Only (PDF)
3. Audio and Action Guide Package(MP3 and PDF)

Make your choice and click on the Buy Now button below to get instant access to your download.

1. Speaking Up With Confidence Audio Only (MP3): $17



2. Speaking Up With Confidence Action Guide Only (PDF): $7



3. Speaking Up With Confidence Audio and Action Guide Package (MP3 and PDF): $21



Thanks for investing in yourself. Get in touch and let me know how this works for you. I’d love to hear about it!